Attracting women does not just come down to having the coolest toy and a fat wallet.
Today we'll discuss body language that attracts women.


If you look all around you, on the news or in movies you can see that the actors or speakers that get what they want in life have the best body language. Body language is something that can affect not just the way you carry yourself but the way people perceive you. Eye contact is crucial. Make eye contact with a woman, whoever looks away first is the least dominant one. Feminine energy is submissive, not masculine energy. Understanding this will only take you some part of the way of attracting the one for you.


Next is standing with your chest out. By doing this you minimize looking slouchy, this appearance give you a beta male presence. When talking to a female not facing her can come off submissive and a lack of confidence, get used to having your body pointed in her direction instead of facing the other way.


Walking should look natural, do not walk as if you’re in a rush. Walk as though you have somewhere to be, with a purpose. Men and women will respond to you as the dominant one. Insecure men who are unsuccessful with women are in a rush. They talk too fast, and their laughter is full of nervousness.