5 Clothing Tricks that Will Make You Look More Muscular

Working out in the gym can take hours for some people, so why would you ever want to cover up all your hard work? Here are 5 clothing tricks that will make you look more muscular.

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Avoid the baggy T-shirt

The baggy t-shirt may be trendy now, but if you want to look for muscular then wearing a fitted t-shirt is your best bet. When look for a t-shirt that’s going to accentuate your muscle then look at your shoulder seams. When your shoulders are too droopy and soft  you tend to look too small. Make sure when picking out the right t-shirt that it follows your natural shoulder line.

Skip the hoody

Hoodies can be stylish, but if your look to give off the aesthetic of being muscular then you must give that up. A great alternative to the hoody is wearing jumpers or pullovers. These tend to lie closer to the body to enhance and show off your physique.

Posture is Key

Having great posture doesn’t just help you come across as more muscular but also more confident. If you have bad posture you can look disproportionate. One trick to keep great posture is to lean against a wall and to make sure that both your head and shoulders are meeting the wall.


Personally jeans have always been tough to choose when it comes to having it fit comfortable but look aesthetically pleasing. One hack is for you to cuff up the jeans. If your taller, this will shorten down your legs a little bit but it will give the illusion that your legs are wider.


Shoes can’t really define your in terms of being muscular or not, sow hen it comes to shoes go with a set of boots. Boots give off that wider heavy look which can add on the effect that your a muscular man.