5 Common Style Mistakes that Ruin Your Style

Style can change your mood and make you feel unstoppable. These are 5 common style mistakes that ruin your style.

White socks

There are a lot guys that are wearing white socks with every outfit. White socks are sold at almost every store, even grocery stores which can tell you that these are obviously very unstylish.

Matching your clothing

Not matching your clothing can ruin your entire outfit. Follow these tips to make sure that you are always matching your outfit correctly.

  1. Make sure that patterns and prints vary in size.
  2. If you want to wear different shades of the same color, keep it in the family.
  3. Complementary colors will always look great.

    Tacky belts

You should not be drawing to much attention to this region of the body, so you want to go minimal. This piece can cut your outfit/body in half. In order to avoid this go with a minimal belt buckle.

Sagging Pants

This trend must be put to an end, no one wants to see your underpants. Make sure that your pants rest naturally at your waist.

Unkept shoes

There is nothing more terrible than looking at ratty shoes when the rest of the outfit is looking sharp. Toss the old and in with the new, save your money and purchase a few shoes that you can interchange so that your favorite ones are not being over worked.