How to Get Your ABS to Show and The Reasons Why they Won’t

So you want to start the new year off right and your looking to lose some weight to get those killer abs showing. Here are some reasons why you may not be able to see your abs.

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You have some fat covering your abs

As much as you want todo a million crunches because that’s how the guy on the commercial did it may not cut it. Yes, crunches can be very beneficial in terms of building muscle but when you have to much fat covering the tummy area the abs will never pop. Cutting your calorie intake per meal and drinking water through the day can help make major aesthetics changes that can become visible in no time.

Tea can be just as beneficial as water, some of my favorite teas include green tea and oolong tea.

Tea is great but like I said earlier understanding that you must reduce your caloric intake is important. I use apps such as myfitnesspal to help when counting up all the calories I eat all day. From personal experience counting calories has show me that results come with consistency, so make sure to take the time to really look at what your eating.

Nutrition and Supplements

Next step to take towards burning of the love handles with supplements and nutrition. Tea alone will not help with all the processed sugars and fats that are being processed all day through your body. Using supplements such as the fat burner below can increase the speed at which you burn the fat away. has many more supplements that can aid in not just burning fat but maintaining the proper nutrients in the body such as proteins.

Working Out

Maintaining a healthy regimen of working out every day for an hour can keep you on track with your fitness goals without taking too much of your time. As it because habit you will learn new moves and become more conscious of movements.

A great way to get those killer abs faster is with at home ab workouts because of the fact that you can work up a sweat at the comfort of your own home. The product above can be purchased at and is great way to keep your core strong so that you can see your abs much faster.

Maintaining proper nutrients

When taking in supplements it can sometimes but a hassle having to make your drink and shakes at home. A great way to get the most out of your journey is to not waste time on things like that so having a great shaker bottle is essentials, has a great selection. Just click the photo below and get the best shaker bottle that fits you.

Getting rest

If you don’t rest your body can become rested, when that happens the body can begin to release a stress hormone. The stress hormone is called cortisol, this hormone can begin to encourage the storage of fat.