5 Brain Hacks to Feel More Confident Instantly

Confidence can be something that most people struggle with but won't admit. It can cause you to lose out on major opportunities in life. Here are 5 brain hacks to feel more confident instantly!

1. Realize everyone is human

We tend to think that we are the only ones with insecurities but in reality everyone has them. We have to realize that every one is human, everyone has there faults. No matter how successful or beautiful that person is, at their core, they’re just human. Most likely, they care about what you think of them.

2. Visualize your best self

In the beginning of the day take a few minutes to visualize how you want to be. A hard worker, courageous, confident, grateful, what ever it is, think about how you want to be that. Then go on with your day feeling as though you are those things.

3. workout

Not working has caused me to become a person I’ve never actually wanted to be. In my personal opinion working out is away of escape from all the stress that builds up because of deadlines. Working out hasn’t just helped me become a me but has helped me when it came to social interactions with others. In terms of confidence, you begin to feel as though no goal is to far to reach for.

4. Walking Faster

Oddly enough walking faster has been seen to boost confidence. Confident people tend to have certain “pep in their step” that you can definitely see from a mile away. Walking with a purpose, acting as though they have places to be.

5. guard your thoughts

Through out the day your thoughts can begin to get attacked by yourself. Through the day we get tons of thoughts good and bad, it is the bad one that we can not allow to strip us of our confidence. A trick I would use in high school to stop the tendency of bad thoughts was wearing a rubber band around my wrist. When a bad thought would pop in to my head I would give myself a slight sting by pulling the rubber band back and letting it hit me. I would do this in order to recondition my mind to have positive thoughts all day.