5 Best Pieces of Jewelry for Men to Wear

Jewelry can be worn with any outfit you just need to know how to wear them. These are the 5 best pieces of jewelry for men.

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Some enthusiast feel that the necklace is too feminine but it depends on how you wear it. If you find a piece that is minimalist it can give off a more masculine vibe.


Best rule to work by when wearing bracelets in no more than two on one wrist. Another tip is to not match your bracelets with your watch.


A watch is just a must have for the fact that it can complete an outfit, not to mention it can show that you know how use accessories. It can give off a sense of being punctual and success.


Rings can also come off feminine like the necklace some ways avoid that are by wearing no more than one on each hand and not wearing a thumb ring.

tie bar

This piece is only for occasions when you dress up. Takes you that extra step that most people won’t be doing.