5 Gym Essentials Every Man Should Have in His Gym Bag

Having the right gym equipment can make your workout a successful one. Each of these pieces is a must have if you want to make the leap from average body to healthy body. These are 5 gym essentials every man should have in his gym bag.

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Shaker Cup

This 22 ounce shaker cup is also a twist n’lock storage. The twist n’lock allows you to store pills and/or supplements.

lifting straps

These lifting straps ensures better and comfortable grip at all time.

weight lifting belt

This Weight lifting belt is great for back support when taking on heavy lifts.

Wireless Headphones

These headphones are great for working out because of the water protection and is great for intense workouts.

knee sleeves

These knee sleeves are designed to protect you from future injuries by providing a great compression.

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