5 quick Color blocking tips

It involves pairing articles of clothing that have huge blocks of color, with the goal being an aesthetically pleasing outfit. These are 5 quick color blocking tips.

1. Avoid Prints

  • Patterns call attention to themselves
  • The goal of color blocking is to let the whole outfit work together
  • Stick with solid colors

2. Don’t Over do It

  • You’ll want to avoid looking like a painter’s palette
  • Pick two or three colors
  • Otherwise they’ll start working against one another

3. Wear Your Neutrals

  • Sometimes the best approach is to pick one neutral and one bright color
  • Browns, grays, navy blues, and even white are easy to block against bright colors like yellow, green, or red

4. Memorize These Terms: Complementary, Triad, Analogous

The 12-tone chart below explains ideal groupings for brighter colors. Try two colors that are opposite one another on the wheel (complementary), two or three that are each four spaces apart (triad), or shades that are all beside one another (analogous).

color wheel

5. Mind the Whole Look

  • You can color block with watches, tote bags, backpacks, shoes and shoelaces, a belt, socks, et cetera
  • Try matching your socks with your shirt, your watch with your pants, or your laces with your shirt

The Color Wheel Chart is from: Beautiful Belleza Blog

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