Top 5 Accessories Every Man Should Carry

Accessories can be to difficult to pick from when there is too many to choose from. These are the top 5 accessories every man should carry.

A Good Watch

A watch is just a must have for the fact that it can complete an outfit, not to mention it can show that you know how use accessories. It can give off a sense of being punctual and success.


A great wallet is one that is made of leather and ages well. A wallet that is no so bulky so that it can go well with any of your outfits.


A good belt fits just right and bring the whole outfit together. It must fits snug but not so tight that it makes you look uncomfortable. When it comes to color going all black can help when pairing a belt to more outfit options.


A good pair of glasses is one that can be paired up with multiple outfits. They can turn you from look like a geek to a badass. Making sure that they fit your head shape and type can make a huge difference.


The right jacket can give you a presence of confidence just by getting the right size for your body type. Understanding color blocking is essential when deciding on the perfect jacket for your outfit.